Chrono Cinematica- Chrono Trigger Symphonic Album

2015-03-12 13:27:29 by SamoStudios

Chrono Cinematica is an upcoming album based on Chrono Trigger, done in a film-score style symphony, feel free to check out the fan page for more info and music previews! :D

More music and etc. on my site!

Thanks for checking it out! XD


Metroid Cinematica- featuring an hour and a half of symphonic and electronic music from the Metroid series, is now available at!  If you like music, Metroid, or Harmony Of A Hunter, check it out! :)

More previews and etc up at the Facebook community:

Metroid Cinematica Album

2014-09-30 22:22:31 by SamoStudios


Be sure to check out the official Facebook page and website of the upcoming Metroid Cinematica album, updates and track previews are regularly posted to the group on Facebook!


Eternity Rising Sci-Fi Kickstarter

2013-12-08 19:07:08 by SamoStudios

Hi everyone I just wanted to share my big sci-fi/fantasy soundtrack and 3D animation concept:


Been trying to get something like this going for a long time, but just never have the opportunity. 

If you liked any of my music or animation and wanted to see more, and help support my effort to do more of this kind of stuff in the future, please check it out! :)

It's hard to get the word out about something like this, if anyone could help share it around, that would be awesome!

Kickstarter Link:

Thanks for having a look! :)